Sunday, 3 April 2011

Jessica's Got a Fever

Poor little Jessica, she's not feeling well so Mum comes over to comfort her. It's a school day but she's not feeling 100%. 

Benjamin and Lily will have to make their own way to school today and are feeling very sorry for poor little Jessica.

Alice has called Marie who has a Doctor's degree. Marie checks for any signs of illness. She soon discovers that Jessica has a high temperature and fever. She hands a bottle of special medicine to Alice to have two times a day. 

George is cooking up a delicious chicken and leek broth. Surely this will clear Jessica's head and fever. Athough it looks green it's good for her. Jessica must drink it all up. 

Jessica sits up to drink her broth and she is starting to feel a little bit better, although she is still quite hot. 

Jessica decides to take a cool bath because of her high temperature. Mmmmm...the smell of eucalyptus soap is so soothing!

As soon as Jessica hops out of the bath she's cold and puts on her dressing gown and hops into bed. She's feeling much better now and will be feeling normal before long.  Lily and Ben are home from school and tell Jessica all about their day. 

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