Saturday, 2 April 2011

Scrambled Eggs!@&*%

Lets see what's happening in the Forensen residence today. 

It's a beautiful morning at 23 Lamington Drive. It looks as if little Jessica and Benjamin are getting their coats on. I wonder what they are going to do today. 

Benjamin and Jessica are kicking their new soccer ball around that they got for Christmas. Jessica is passing the ball excellently until it's Ben's turn to kick the ball.  Ready, steady......

Ben does such a big kick that the ball flies right through the door and straight on top of Dad's freshly made breakfast of bacon and fried eggs. George isn't so pleased about this and the kids are feeling quite guilty. Suddenly Jessica has an idea. How about we make Dad a new breakfast, better than ever. 

Jessie is frying the eggs on the stove-top whilst Benjamin cuts up the bacon. They are really excited and hope that dad loves his delicious breakfast. 

Bon Appetite! Dad is very impressed and all is forgiven and forgotten....

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