Saturday, 2 April 2011

Meet the Folks of Lamington Drive!

Meet Alice Forenson from 23 Lamington Drive. Alice loves to garden and cook delicious cakes with her best friend Marie. Alice is busy with two children of her own and husband George keeps her company. 

This little trooper is Benjamin, otherwise known as Ben. He is always fighting with his sister Jessica, but her loves to play soccer with her and her best friend Lily.

George is a Postman and loves his job. It is he who delivers all the mail to all the houses in Lamington Drive. He loves to play with his kids and have romantic picnics with his wife. 

This little sweetheart is Lily Williams. She lives with her mother Marie and they are very close to the Forensens. Lily's best friend is little Jessica. They are inseparable and love to play around the house but are always making a mess. 

This is Marie, Lily's mum. They have recently moved to Lamington Drive and Marie is working towards being the Head Chef of the latest restaurant in town. 

Wooops! I guess Jessica won't be too happy about this photo. This is Jessica Forensen. She likes to draw pictures and is very artistic. 

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  1. Hi Again. I put a Special Link on my blog that connects to your blog. Your dolls and house are so cute and creative. Keep up the good work. Very nice...